By Blessing Oladunjoye

Nigeria has vaccinated 1.5% of its population since the first rollout of COVID-19 vaccine in March 2021. In this article, Blessing Oladunjoye writes about how misinformation has continued to threaten the COVID-19 vaccine utilization rate across the country.

“There is so much information about COVID-19 Vaccines, I don’t know whether they are all right or wrong, but I don’t know which to believe anymore. I would rather not take the vaccine than to find out that what I have heard is true.”

These were the words of Ifesinachi Victor, a mother of three who resides and works…

By Pauline Ongaji

Some of the elderly people at Kibera Day Care Centre narrated about their Covid-19 vaccination experience. Only 9.3 per cent of people aged 58 years and above have been fully vaccinated.

When Anne Musanga, 70, from Kibera, Nairobi, got her first Covid-19 vaccination jab on April 23, she knew that after 12 weeks, she would receive her second and final one, thus ensuring her safety as far as the pandemic was concerned.

But this was not to be. According to Musanga, her blood pressure shot up after the vaccination and she was immediately put on medication. Her medical records show that her blood pressure was 171/83 mmHg.

Her second dose, which was supposed to be administered on June 26, has since not happened as she is yet to…

WanaData Tanzanian member Jenifer Gilla got first runner up for the print media award in open category award in 2020 excellence in journalism award Tanzania.

WanaData Tanzanian member Veronica Mrema won the heath reporting open category reporting award in 2020 excellence in journalism award Tanzania.

WanaData Tanzanian member Elizabeth Zaya won an investigative journalism reporting award in 2020 excellence in journalism award Tanzania.

WanaData Tanzanian member Haika Kimaro (a Mtwara based journalist) won an agriculture and Agribusiness report award in 2020 excellence in journalism award in Tanzania.

Par Armelle Sitchoma

Près de 6mois après le lancement de la campagne de vaccination, le pays qui compte 244 centres de vaccin répartis à travers les 10 régions peine à toucher les 13.944.491 personnes de plus de 18 ans, éligibles audit vaccin.

La situation épidémiologique de la Covid-19 en Afrique au 8 septembre 2021 affiche 7 949 214 cas confirmés, 200 762 décès, 7 180 973 guéris. Le taux de létalité est de 2,5% pour 104 200 00 doses vaccins administrées d’après l’OMS, l’organisation mondiale de la Santé.

By Jean Githae & Adaugo Isaac

Global report on gender representation shows we risk losing gains made towards achieving gender equality in the media.

What you need to know:

  • In terms of portrayal, women were more likely to be news subjects in stories about gender issues than in stories about politics, which dominated news coverage.
  • In 2020, only seven per cent of the stories reported referenced gender equality, human rights, and legislation which is lower than the nine per cent reported in 2015.
  • This may be connected to the de-prioritisation of gender equality-related news as a result of the global pandemic.

A newly released global report has revealed that women are still grossly underrepresented in the media.

While some progress has been made…


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