Six data journalism fellowships up for grabs

The 6th GMMP report indicates that the gender gap is widest in political stories
  • Number of awards: Up to six fellows will be selected.
  • Award amount: Each fellow will receive a US$1,000 story grant.
  • Additional support: Fellow will receive hands-on technical training, followed by one-on-one project mentorship, along with support from CfA’s staff technologists, data analysts, multimedia producers, and editors.
  • Publishing support: Fellows will publish their project in their ‘home’ media, but will receive support to also publish internationally.
  • You must be an established journalist or digital storyteller (such as a blogger or social media content creator) with a minimum of one year working in the media. You must have a portfolio of published work you can share.
  • You must be based in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania or Uganda.
  • You must be fluent in English.
  • You must be affiliated with a media partner: As such you must publish/broadcast your work in mainstream media.




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