Join Us for WanaData IWD 2023; Let’s Talk about Embracing Equity

1 min readFeb 24


International Women’s Day poster. Source: IWD

Are you looking for an exciting event to attend this International Women’s Day (IWD)? Look no further than the WanaData IWD2023 event hosted by Code for Africa (CfA). This year’s theme focuses on Embracing Equity.

Join us in our panel sessions on 24 March. Our seasoned guest speakers will share their expertise and insights with WanaData members and other participants from across the African continent.

In this event, we will explore topics such as embracing equity in the workplace alongside achieving equity through women’s leadership. Moreover, accomplished women in these fields will share personal stories to motivate and encourage others. This event is guaranteed to be intellectually stimulating, compelling, and inclusive for all attendees.

The WanaData IWD2023 event offers an excellent opportunity to learn about women’s challenges and opportunities in African leadership. Whether you’re a data scientist, a journalist, a technologist, or simply someone who is interested in leadership do not miss this event!

The WanaData IWD2023 Panel sessions will take place from 12 pm GMT to 2 pm GMT.

Sign up for the WanaData IWD 2023 event here and mark your calendar. We can’t wait to see you there!

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